Welcome to our ChromEx webinar

ChromEx is growing fast and is currently used in countries all over the world. New features are constantly added to make it easier for students, teachers and schools to complete digital tests in a simple and secure way.

Date: 27 april
Time: 16:00 CEST
Where: Via link

Listen to our experts and ask your questions directly to them!

On April 27 you have the opportunity to get an exclusive review of ChromEx together with our experts who have developed the digital exam application. Listen to our school specialist , Daniel Johansson and development manager, Fredrik Hedström. They will show how ChromEx works, how to use the app for all types of exams and knowledge tests and also go through the latest features that we have developed at the request from you who use ChromEx.

Here are some examples of new features we will review:

New fonts
Students can choose from extra easy-to-read fonts:

  • Adys Font
  • Open Dyslexic
  • Lexend

Show one question at a time
To help students focus on one question at a time, the student can choose to show only one question instead of one after the other. Questions can also be marked so that the student can return to them later.

Now you can add a new type of question where the student can draw or write their answers. Specially adapted for devices with a touch screen but also works on those devices that do not have it.


Fredrik Hedström
Development manager, Online Partner AB
Google Certified Innovator

Daniel Johansson
ICT expert, Online Partner AB
Google Certified Innovator and Trainer

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