Features in ChromEx

ChromEx is continuously developed with new functions adapted to students, teachers and schools to carry out knowledge tests and exams in a simple and safe way. Below is some of the most important functions in ChromEx. 

Setup exams

  • Create exams and connect to Google Classroom
  • Set start & stop time
  • Add exam to Google Calendar

Create exams

  • Writing space
  • Questionnaires with multiple types of questions
  • Text blocks
  • YouTube videos
  • Images
  • Gap texts
  • Sketch module

Add resources

  • Files from Google Drive
  • YouTube videos
  • Calculators
  • Websites
  • Google Meet

During exams

  • Monitor student progress
  • Noticiations on opens, submissions and lost connection
  • Forced submission
  • Anonymized submission

Post exam

  • All submissions is saved on Google Drive
  • Visible in Google Classroom
  • Use Google Classrooms correction module
  • Distribute results