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ChromEx is an application developed by Online Partner for creating, administering and assessing digital exams in schools and educational institutions. ChromEx has been specifically tailored to G Suite, resulting in an application that feels familiar to teachers, IT departments and students already working in a G Suite environment, which in turn vastly reduces the need for extra administration and additional training.

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No additional administration

You use your existing G Suite accounts in a familiar and intuitive interface. No installation or password administration for you or your students.

Get started in just a few minutes

No prerequisites required, just get started. You are up and running in just afew minutes.

Pay only for what you use

Thanks to a flexible payment solution, you only pay for the students that are using ChromEx. A student can take multiple tests throughout the month without the school incurring any extra costs.

Advantages with ChromEx

• ChromEx was originally developed solely for Chromebooks, however we have now added functionality for Windows, Mac OSX and iOS in combination with G Suite for Education
• Requires no new software or security solutions
• High level of security including encryption
• Users can log in with their existing G Suite account
• Well-known user environment and intuitive interface
• Anonymous exams
• Word Count
• No installation cost, takes just a few minutes to get set-up.


Try ChromEx now for free

Click here to try ChromEx with up till 10 students for free! All you need to do is to log in to ChromEx as an advanced G Suite administrator.

ChromEx's best friends

ChromEx is designed for G Suite for Education and Chromebooks while working well with:

ChromEx is developed by

As a Premium Google Partner, Online Partner are specialists when it comes to Google services and G Suite.

Frequently asked questions regarding ChromEx

If you have any questions, we have the answers!

Can I evaluate ChromEx for free?

You can fully evaluate ChromEx free of charge for up to 10 students per month.

Do I need any training to be able to use ChromEx?

No, ChromEx is built specifically for G Suite for Education and Chromebooks. As a current Google user the intuitive interface in ChromEx will feel familiar.

What do I need to run ChromEx?

To run ChromEx you will need a G Suite domain, and an account with advanced administrator privileges to install the software on the domain. A managed Chromebook is required to take the exams.

How much does ChromEx cost?

ChromEx is free for up to 10 students per month. Thereafter you pay €0.5 per student, per month based on actual use. We also offer the option subscribe to ChromEx for one year at a cost of €3 per student.


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